Review of Snorrejof Tiny Home

Published in Greener Pastures (USA)

It’s the little touches that add a little magic to a little place.

The Snorrejof Tiny Home was a great opportunity to enjoy the sustainable lifestyle, communing with nature and getting in touch with minimalist living.

The décor was adorable — it’s just like a dolls house only with scatter cushions.

The space is bigger than it looks. Using the measurement of scatter cushions: it’s three Chunky Waffles, one Pine Plush Velvet European and half a Mustard Square.

Loved the custom designed study/TV room/compost latrine combo. So practical after a day of eco cultural exploration.

Snorrejof’s tiny kitchen was compact but just not enough space to chop two cherry tomatoes to eat on a small pretzel with two organic cherry tomatoes that Superhost Marlene thoughtfully left for me. It’s the little touches that add to the magic of the place.

The fold-away floating meditation pod was amazing. The instructions were a little confusing to start with when it said to pull the cantilever and simultaneously chant The Macarena while sanding the orbital head but apart from that it’s a cinch!

Loved the peacelily sleeploft. It was like a puffy slumber cloud with cute polished birchwood ladder. It was very polished so I’d recommend wearing hiking boots for extra tread.

The shower is hard to find at first because it is outside! If you love nature, this eco tiny retreat is for you. I don’t really know if it was actually a shower, more like caught rainwater in a bucket.

There were slightly scary strangulation sounds outside but I’m pretty sure was a grumpy Instagram cat and not an axe murderer but the two can sound similar to the untrained ear.

Injured myself opening a springy birchwood cupboard door that ricocheted me into a stair sprocket and faceplanted me in a decorative horn.

Note to host Marlene: there was no first aid kit.

But found a bottle of wine.

You’ll find plenty of stylish Icelandic-inspired cooking utensils. But I felt I couldn’t risk using the bespoke knives whittled from a recycled pocket elf, it could be dangerous after the door opening incident. So I shaved some miniature pretzels instead.

The instructions on the composting toilet’s poop bifurcator are somewhat alarming. So alarming that I experienced an unexpected faecal release incident in the urine separator space.

One downside is the WIFI signal is nowhere as good as promised. I tried to google #tinyhomesareanoverratedhellscape but I guess the tiny home is really off the grid as there wasn’t enough signal.

Tip: the shelf behind the dayloft has an emergency sherry stash.

After the emergency sherry bottle, it’s fun to ponder the name Snorrejof. Could refer Viking’s microbiome or describe that feeling of being trapped in the sauna with a naked bone carver while drinking raw puffin juice.

The lack of curtains is unnerving. I saw the cat at the window and I swear it saw directly into my soul. Thank goodness for the third bottle of sherry I found under a chunky waffle throw cushion.

I considered climbing the ladder to the skybed but seemed on par with Mt Everest and therefore way too perilous to attempt at night.

I’d suggest bringing supplies to perform a hex on the tiny house to make it bigger. Not McMansion size — I’m not a monster — just a regular person size where you can open a cupboard without dislocating a rotator cuff.

As there were no hex supplies, I went outside and lit the firepit and threw the tiny home into the firepit.

The cat saw me.